The Embassy of Finland in Russia

The Embassy is the official representative of Finland in Russia, which serves as a bridge between the two countries. The Embassy of Finland in Moscow is the largest bilateral representation of Finland abroad.


Institute for Media, Architecture and Design Strelka

Strelka is a non-profit organization dedicated to producing knowledge, new ideas and working out best ways to implement them. Strelka's classrooms and workshop studios are filled with young architects, designers, sociologists, economists and other professionals who study here for free. In the yard there are a lot of public lectures, conferences and film screenings. Strelka is one of the most lively, energetically and intellectually significant places in modern Moscow.



Martela is the market leader in Finland that operates in over 40 countries around the globe carrying out projects in the sphere of office interior design. The company was founded in 1945 as a family enterprise. Today it is a group of companies with EUR 137 million turnover in 2010 employing over 700 people. Martela is listed on OMX stock exchange.





Aalto University

It is a leading Finnish university, formed by the merger of three higher education facilities of Helsinki: Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and University of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki. This union represents a unique experiment in the field of education, bringing together future designers, economists and technologists in a common educational forum and, thus, creating a new class of multipurpose professionals for future markets.



Artek is perhaps the most legendary Finnish company that was founded in 1935 by the famous architect and designer Alvar Aalto. The company works with the furniture that is unique in its historical memory. By making its furniture out of bentwood Artek creates eco-friendly, natural pieces which are closer to works of art than to ordinary household items. Although the dominant features of Artek's collection are still rationality and functionalism ...


Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

FRCC was founded in 1946 and today unites more than 800 Finnish companies in Russia. It is a non-profit association promoting business activity and competition among Finnish business in Russia as well as economic ties between the two countries.


Gullstén - Inkinen Design & Architecture

The company was founded in 1989; it specializes in interior design and office planning; it is considered one of the largest companies in Scandinavia in its field. The company has got more than 250 projects under its belt with a total area of about 1 million square meters and workstations for more than 20,000 people.



It is a Finnish company and Europe's largest manufacturer of elevators and escalators. KONE was founded in 1910; it now operates in more than 100 countries. It is one of the leaders in industrial design; its solutions can be seen in such famous architectural buildings as Trump Tower in Chicago, the building at 30 St. Mary Axe in London, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Beijing State Great Theatre in China. KONE employs about 35,000 people. It's turnover in 2011 was more than EUR 5 billion.


Verstas Architects

It is private company founded in 2004 by four Finnish architects: Väinö Nikkilä, Jussi Palva, Riina Palva and Ilkka Salminen. The company currently employs 19 people. It specializes in architectural and engineering design of social, cultural buildings (schools, museums, libraries, administrative offices). One of the most professional architect bureaus in designing school educational spaces.


World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

The World Design Capital project was initiated by the International Council of Industrial Design (ICSID): every two years it appoints a new world capital of design. In 2012 Helsinki was chosen. The city stated that it's aim was to materialize design ideas in everyday life. "Putting design into reality" reads the key theme of the project, which focused on the modernization of urban environment and introduction of innovative design solutions in such areas as healthcare, education, sports, catering, domestic life, and others. The project has become a huge magnet attracting to Helsinki the most advanced and creative people from all over the world, organizing hundreds of initiatives and events.



Designet - a team of professionals dedicated to the promotion of industrial design in Russia and conduct design-oriented events: exhibitions, seminars and competitions. Founded in 2000, the portal - the most authoritative professional resource for industrial design in Russia. 



Projector is professional magazine about design. Editors write about it this way: "We look at the design of wide, covering a variety of aspects of this phenomenon - from the history of the formation to modern education, from books to interactive, from the font to the subject. We do not make a magazine for a narrow circle of specialists, but distinguished from the general the context of all the most interesting, vivid and relevant. Therefore, Projector is interesting to a wider audience, not just the professional community and the academic community".  


British Higher School of Art and Design  

British Higher School of Art and Design was founded in 2003 for the education and training of Russian students at the advanced international educational programs in art and design. 



MARCH is Moscow's new independent school of architecture. Its curriculum is based on the methodology used by leading Russian and international architects and incorporates the most important aspects found in international architectural education. Renowned architect, teacher and social activist Eugene Asse founded the course and is the Dean at MARCH. Nikita Tokarev has been appointed its Director.