Inspiring lectures of speakers

Inspiring lectures of speakers

In the end of August , the second time at the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design "Strelka" held "Finnish design days in Moscow."


The conference theme in this year wa " workspace." As speakers were invited heads of leading Finnish companies and well-known Russian experts .


President of Martela company, Heikki Martela,in his welcome speech said that today offices are under tremendous changes, for all the time his work, he does not remember any period when the workspace moves so radically . He identified four main areas of change: space, people , training (education) and tools. These aspects of space were the main theme of lectures and discussions on Finnish design days.


The first speaker is the head of the department of Industrial Design in Nokia company, Peter Griffith . He spoke about the main principles of the new design in a world where IT- solutions on the 1st stage. These principles are:


·         purity – product  of design should be simple and understandable to the user,

·         easy - use of a smaller amount of detail in the subject ,

·         the principle of advanced technology - the desire of people to have smth new and follow fashion trends and products , in turn, should help the user to get the information he needs.


Vice - president of Martela, Veli -Matti Savo, talked aboutworkspacefrom the point of view of the interior. He introduced the new concept of activity based office, which forms the working environment depending on the type of activity of workers in the office . For this purpose, firstly, Veli -Matti proposed to divide all specialists in 4 groups :


· anchors - are employees , spend most of their time in the office (eg, accountant)

· Connectors - employees who joined the organization from within , working with several departments (eg , production manager or IT specialist) ,

· collectors - employees who connect company with the outside world , as well as gather important information from the office (eg , sales )

· Navigators - is, as a rule, officers or employees responsible for business development of the company. Theyspend most of the time out of the office.


For each of the different types of employees company need to provide their unique working environment adapted to their pastime. This is most easily done by zoning office:


· first zone – public, designed for customers and visitors to the company for noisy events.

· second zone - semi- public zone, designed for team work, for short meetings and negotiations.

· third area – private, only for the employees of the company. It is a zone of silence.


However , well- organized space can not function fully without a new approach to the management of the staff, especially if the staff - strange , difficult motivated generation Y. HR- director of «KONE» Kertu Tuomas told about  importance of human capital in a rapidly changing world. In the KONE company in different parts of the world at the moment work about 42 thousand employees , more than half of whom work in the field, servicing elevators and escalators . Therefore, it is important for us not only to organize the workspace , but in general, to develop a number of principles of corporate existence and development of employees in the company, motivating him to work .


Principles of Kone company:


· employee involvement in the life of the company,

· growth opportunity ( opportunity to learn, improve skills )

· human well-being ( physical health and psychological state of harmony).


The last and important part of the working space is training (education). Moreover, learning through design. Professor of Aalto University Pentti Kareoja told how is important in our life. He noted how in today's world it is important to pay attention to detail - " Think globally and act  locally ." The most interesting trends noted Pentti:


· Education is only possible through the creation of the office of analysis of information - it is impossible to understand all information which we get every day.

· Modern office has lost its boundaries . Interior and exterior mixed . And now, park is like an office (benches , wi-fi, coffee tables, Coca -Cola ), and office may be full of trees , birds , music, as it was earlier in the parks...

·  The main task of the designer do not see just interior , furniture, decoration materials . Designer now provides meanings for the office environment, new forms of activity. In the offices we can organize cooking classes, watch movies , play volleyball. And this task for the designer make out new needs and create new types of environments for their implementation.


In the conference was organized a discussion which moderated Denis Sokolov, head of research and strategic consulting and Elena Kolesnikova, senior director ofcorporate clients in Cushman & Wakefield company.


The event was successful. We look forward to next year!