Personal conversation

Personal conversation

You have the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee with the speaker of the Finnish design days. We promised that the Finnish design days in Moscow - it's not only lectures, but also the possibility of personal contact with Finnish experts. 


Of course, everyone has a chance to ask questions during the lectures, to share their own position. But we want to offer you a personal conversation. Yes, 20 minutes of personal, private communication with the guest of Finnish design days. Send a question to one of the speakers, he\she will select the most important and interesting and will invite you for coffee.


So, 5 speakers, 10 cups of coffee, 5 options for you to discuss an important topic with someone who has achieved a lot.

•       Heikki Martela, president of the Martela;

•       Kerttu Tuomas, HR Director, Member of the Board of Directors of  KONE;

•       Veli-Matti Savo, vice-president of the viagra Martela;

•       Marko Ahtisaari, Executive Vice President of Design  in Nokia;

•       Pentti Kareoja, professor of Aalto University.


We are waiting for your questions at Question, your name, company, phone number and your e-mail. Go for it!