The Finnish design days took place!

The Finnish design days took place!

For three days more than one and a half thousand people visited the Finnish lectures and workshops in Moscow.


For the first time in Moscow gathered many famous and influential Finnish design managers. Three days of excellent lectures. More than one and a half thousand people! Beautiful, sympathetic, interested, intelligent listeners. And this is in spite of the rain, the chilly wind and sometimes downright not summer temperature «overboard».


The Finnish design days opened Heikki Martela – the President of Martela company and Hannu Himanen - Ambassador of Finland to Russia. Both said that the design not only can enter into our daily lives, but also to become a major, national ideology. And the example of a small Finnish it demonstrates very clearly. Design is a more powerful resource than oil, which can move the economy, stimulate innovations, lobby for interestsof the country in the international community. And it is sometimes more effective and useful tool than all the political battles together.


Idea was supported by Tuula Teeri, President of Aalto University – is one of the largest universities in Europe in the field of design, media and architecture. The key point of ​​the presentation was the fact that the university is no longer an incubator of future professionals. Firstly, it is the core, the center of cultural, economic and social innovation the city's entire infrastructure. Secondly, it is an interdisciplinary foundation that prepares universal professionals, equally well-versed in technology, business and design. Only at the junction of several cultural and educational layers can create a generation, which can cope with global changes, so demand of today's economy.


After the lecture discussed more prosaic things. Is it possible to upgrade the knowledge and skills in design after university? Dmitriy Karpov, a teacher of the British Higher School of Design, lit by the full program – all chilled, wrapped in blankets, but one and a half hours under the supervision of expressive Dima, talked, discussed and asked questions. Evgeny Asse (Rector of architecture school MARSH), Belgorod Valery (Rector of Moscow State University of Technology and Design), Marjo Mäenpää, Professor of Aalto University and Christian Guellerin, President of Cumulus, International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media.


The second day was dedicated to the school. Pasi Mattila, Director of "Finpeda" and the initiator of the "Future School of Finland" was concrete, full of examples, factsthat illustrate the point that sometimes "being determines consciousness": "Change the environment, tools, including through the design - and you will see how to change the creation of pupils and teachers. " It cannot be said that Moscow leaders of schools and educational institutions are optimistic about this statement. Traditionally, fundamentally, philosophically, we are sure that the root of all the changes in the head. And without changing consciousness, views we are not able to change something in the school. Discussion led Elena Shimutina, deputy director of Educational Center 548 Tsaricino (Rachevsky’s School), in the discussionparticipated Elena Igorevna Bulin-Sokolova, Director of the Office for the creation of an educational complex for children in Skolkovo, Alexey L’vovich Semenov, Rector of theMoscow Open Education Institute, Andrey Demidov, Co-chair of Teacher’s labour union, Vladimir Zagvozdkin and Anna Yakushkina experts of MIOO. The value of this meeting was not even the fact that the experts compared the Finnish and Russian approaches to school reform - but in the fact that students could directly, freely and voluntarily express their skepticism, requests, suggestions and get immediately comments from competent people in this field.


People fully disengage "Why in schools so dire security system? Students will soon start do fingerprint "," Why Why in pedagogical institutions receive only the most mediocre students? It may be worthwhile to raise the score of the unified state examination, so that teachers were not “threeness”? So that our experts had to be held responsible for all the Ministry of education.


The third day started with workshop of Martela vice president and architect partner Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture. All discussed rational interior: is it possible to make the office comfortable, ergonomic - avoiding the traditionally enormous investments. And again - the audience was wonderful. Despite the early morning - attended more than 100 listeners. All people are extremely busy and not idle - managers and heads of administrative departments of commercial companies. But questions, comments were alive, full of examples, facts and figures. We are sure that information was mutually interesting. The evening began with a lecture of Mitya Harshak, Designer, founder and chief editor of the "Projector". By focusing on the personal experiences of Finnish design, he returned to the Finnish basics, to design of Alvar Aalto. His performance caught Mirkku Kullberg, CEO of Artek, created by the most famous designer. Anna Stenros, Vice President of Design of Kone, radically changed the course of the conversation, focusing on the design ... our thoughts, plans, inspirations, that radically changes our lives and gives us strength. Her presentation was the best for all three days. Everyone present took away from theAnna’s lecture something important for itself. For Petteri Kolinen, Design director of Martela, had after such an energetic performance is not easy. However, futurism (Petteri told what will happen in 15-20 years) has done its work - his presentation was probably the most informative and received the highest number of responses. Finished the day as well as all event - Pekka Timonen, Executive Director of the Committee of " World Design Capital Helsinki 2012». Why Helsinki is the Capital of World Design? But can Moscow get such status in the future? "Of course! Everything is in your hands "- said Pekka.


The days of Finnish design took place in Moscow. We look forward to next year!